Versace Ceramic Tiles in New Jersey

Versace is a name long associated with high quality, fashion and design. Wayne Tile’s Ramsey location is the only authorized distributor of Versace Tile in New Jersey. Show your elegant side with this spectacular line of tiles that will make a statement in your home. With this new decor, you will become the party destination that your guests will never want to leave.

Make an Entrance

Versace Ceramic Tiles in New Jersey

Wow your guests with a foyer that they will never forget. Versace ceramic tiles will give your home a unique flare that will set it apart from all other homes. The tiles have just arrived from Europe and Wayne Tile Ramsey is the only location in New Jersey to have them. Be the first to give your entranceway a polished and stylish appeal.

Take a Seat

Be the home that everyone is talking about. Invite your guests to take a seat and appreciate the sophisticated tile that lies beneath their feet. The iconic Versace logo becomes a conversation piece and a symbol of luxury. Versace ceramic tiles enhance a living space by adding a distinct touch unique from other tiles. Stand out with Versace!

Freshen Up

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Versace tiles make your bathroom the fairest of them all. Versace ceramic tiles will make you feel like royalty in your own home. Freshen up in a bathroom that looks as good as you do. The beauty these tiles add makes even a bathroom hard to leave.

Find Your Fit

Versace ceramic tiles can work for any room in your home and will give it the elegance you desire. Wayne Tile Company has design consultants that will guide you through the process of picking a tile that is right for you and installing it perfectly into any room of the house. Come visit Wayne Tile Company at our Ramsey location to find out more about this unique line of tiles that is only offered here! For more questions please contact us at [email protected] and visit our website