Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it.  Summer is vacation season, a chance to stay in beach houses and lake lodges and golf clubs and hotels in cities near and far. And every time you stay somewhere new, you get to “try out” a new look and feel for your own home. This summer, take notes. Catch some vacation vibes at home and take pictures!

The Bathroom

vacation vibes at home the bathroom

You walk into the hotel room, drop your bags, and flip on the light in the bathroom: love at first sight. This is exactly the simple, elegant tiling that you’ve been trying to describe to your family. Grab your camera and start snapping away – get the wide shot of the whole bathroom, get the beautiful bathtub, get the cozy but luxurious sink. Then take close ups of the tiles, grout, and other details that come together to create the overall vision that you are loving. When you get home, bring your photographs in to Wayne Tile, and we will get to work making your vacation dream bathroom come to life year-round at home.

The Kitchen

vaction vibes at home

The first morning in your rental house, you walk in to the kitchen hoping that the coffee maker is easy to figure out. But before you reach the counter, you are distracted by the delicious feeling of cool tile on your bare feet. You realize that the texture is perfect too – soft but not slick. Why can’t your feet feel this good at home? They can! Grab that camera and take a shot of the whole kitchen. Then get personal: get down and take a few shots of the tile, making sure that the grain and grout elements are included. Back at home, bring those shots in to Wayne Tile, and we’ll show you tiles that give you all the feels. You can even take your shoes and socks off for a minute…

The Foyer

vacation vibes at home

Just throw your muddy cleats next to your golf bag as you come back to your condo after a great round. Go ahead – someone else is going to clean that up anyway! After a guilty minute, you go back to see how hard that clean-up is going to be. Lucky for your nagging conscience, it’s quick and easy to wipe the dirt and wet grass off the handsome foyer tile, so you just go ahead and do it. Imagine how nice it would be to clean up your home entryway that easily. Take a picture of the clean, welcoming foyer floor. Get down low and capture the detail of the tile base molding. Bring the pictures in to Wayne Tile when you get home, and we’ll show you how affordable that invaluable sense of relaxation can be.

We hope you’re having fun this summer! We hope your adventures are full of beauty and satisfaction. We hope you bring us pictures!