Californian hand-crafted tiles are as popular as ever, and available now at Wayne Tile! In the 1920s and 1930s, these classic lines were in high demand throughout the country. Whether the style was colorful Mediterranean or textural craftsman designs, California tiles were admired for their craftsmanship, unique variations in color and finish, and sophisticated aesthetic.

This summer season, we’ve partnered with Sonoma Tilemakers to bring our customers that specific quality and style. Their tiles, handmade by expert artisans, are created to make your space feel more artful, distinct, and authentic. At Sonoma Tilemakers, a single tile goes through 12 hands before it ends up in your home.. Look at the rich, glossy finish on their Euphoria line, which comes in a range of color-saturated colors and shapes.

Euphoria tiles are extremely cool in any room, but they started HOT. Fired in a kiln for 22-24hrs then, at about 875-1235 degrees fahrenheit, sawdust and or newspaper clipping are spread over the hot tile to create a fire. This process is repeated to allow fire and oxygen to create intricate designs using some of the earth’s most dynamic elements. You can witness this amazing process here and see why these tiles are worth the admiration.

Another appropriately named design from Sonoma Tilemakers is the Stellar Tile line. Stellar offers 108 colors and a range of finishes that come right out of a Hollywood dream. Our designers can help create your vision with Stellar accents and trim for any room.

And don’t forget the East Coast! Customers are getting creative with our Brooklyn Collection, with textural tiles that harken back to the pounded-tin ceilings and design elements of Old New York. These mixed-design decorative tiles combine to create a wall with elegance and personality.

Brooklyn Tile has a sculpted texture with a subtle, organic palette in six colors: white, charcoal tin, copper tin, green tin, lead tin, and white tin. If you’re looking to bring the old world into your new one, this might be the style you’ve been looking for.

No matter what style you’re dreaming about, you can ask a Wayne Tile designer at any of our five locations to help you create something original, beautiful, and just right for you. It’s what we love to do – with these high-quality Sonoma Tiles and Brooklyn designs, or with any line that you choose to add a timeless beauty to your home!