Technology advances are taking place all around us. It’s a very exciting time in our culture, not just for smart devices and communication, but also for tile production. This spring Wayne Tile offers a range of new collections that feature the latest in both tile trends and manufacturing technology from Europe and we believe you’re going to love it!

The Zen collection is an interpretation of Shou Sugi Ban, the centuries-old method of working cedar wood by burning, to give the plank a distinctive crackle look. Four colors are available in 8”x48” planks: Kuru, Shiro, Beju, and Gure. In addition, a 32”x32” inlay pattern tile creates an interesting floor or wall application. The colors range from the scorched cedar appearance of Kuru, to the warm and vibrant tones in Beju. The latest in “high definition” glaze technology makes these intricate and detailed tile designs possible.

New spring tile collections from Wayne Tile

As a contrast to the “high tech” and contemporary, we offer our latest ceramic wall tile: Essential. The 2×8 tile in this collection features a slightly wavy, almost hand pressed, appearance with a straight edge. Featuring a range of soft tones from white to blue, green and gray. A pencil “Matita” molding and chair rail piece are also available. Made exclusively for Wayne Tile in Spain.

Another example of recent tile innovation is the development of rich variations of textures. We have two collections this spring that use texture to add dimension and variation. Luxe Medley features a mixed variety of surface textures for striking wall or floor installations. Mixed textures are available in 4×12 or large 8×48 plank. Made in Italy.

Also innovating with texture is Monterey: Our latest wood grain porcelain collection features 5 colors ranging from a light Almond to Dark Oak. Monterey is unique because the 6×36 size tiles are available in either a natural matte finish or a high gloss polished finish. Made in Italy.

And, needless to say, classic elegance is still an excellent, timeless choice! Consider this spring’s Blanc line: Featuring an 8×24 tile size, this collection is entirely made of white decorative wall tiles. With subtle textures, Blanc can be used in bathroom or kitchen wall applications.

Trends aside, we’re always happy when customers visit our Wayne Tile showrooms with a sense of creativity and curiosity. Our designers love brainstorming, and our incredible selection of tile means the combined possibilities are virtually infinite. Come in and see what’s new this spring!