Classic and timeless tile designs are typically top-of-mind for anyone building or updating their bathroom or kitchen. Styles that transcend time but can still create a unique look offer homeowners the advantage of building once and building right. This effort stretches their investment dollars into the long term and also makes it easier for resale.

A tile style growing in popularity lately are Picket Tiles. Inspired by the hexagon tile and named after the ever-popular picket fence, picket tiles are elongated in the center and slimmer for a more modern and unique look. As an added benefit, these tiles can be installed in three distinct patterns adding versatility to your design.

Straight Horizontal

Essentially, installing your picket tile in a straight horizontal pattern acts as an option to traditional subway tile with an added accent. This option can also help to make smaller spaces look larger.

Straight Vertical 

A great option to make your room look taller is to install picket tiles vertically as they guide the eye up and down. Selecting a lighter color with light grout can also help smaller rooms look larger.

Diagonal Picket Tiles

Another excellent way to add a unique style to your room is to use a diagonal installation pattern moving from one corner of your room to the opposite end. This makes a great accent wall option to break from the “norm” and give your design a special touch.

No matter what installation pattern you choose, Wayne Tile has the 22 colors and finishes to create the best look for your space. In addition, Wayne Tile can custom order picket shaped tiles in over 100 colors from Sonoma Tilemakers. These tiles are handmade in California and their high quality will give your project a luxurious look and feel. With 6 locations in New Jersey to choose from, our design consultants can help navigate you toward the best colors and methods to make your vision a reality.