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Summer With Sonoma

Californian hand-crafted tiles are as popular as ever, and available now at Wayne Tile! In the 1920s and 1930s, these classic lines were in high demand throughout the country. Whether the style was colorful Mediterranean or textural craftsman designs, California tiles...

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Spring forward with tile this season!

Technology advances are taking place all around us. It’s a very exciting time in our culture, not just for smart devices and communication, but also for tile production. This spring Wayne Tile offers a range of new collections that feature the latest in both tile...

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Tile to Reduce Allergies

Tile to reduce allergies Do you suffer from allergies? As the leaves begin to change colors, we are all looking for relief from stuffy noses and watery eyes. We bring allergens into our home on our clothes and shoes. Sometimes carpeting gives these allergens a home,...

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Tile means easy cleanup!

Wet bathing suits leave puddles on the floor after swimming in the pool. Ice pops drip all over the kitchen after a hot day. Muddy footprints leave trails around the house after playing in the rain. It’s the end of summer and kids are trying to enjoy every last second...

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Vacation Vibes at Home

Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it.  Summer is vacation season, a chance to stay in beach houses and lake lodges and golf clubs and hotels in cities near and far. And every time you stay somewhere new, you get to “try out” a new look and feel for...

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Versace Ceramic Tiles

Versace Ceramic Tiles in New Jersey Versace is a name long associated with high quality, fashion and design. Wayne Tile’s Ramsey location is the only authorized distributor of Versace Tile in New Jersey. Show your elegant side with this spectacular line of tiles that...

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